Health Benefits of Almonds

In this article we describe Health benefits of almonds. Just read on and wonder how this small nut have so much healthy things for our body.


Protection against heart disease

First health benefit of almonds is that they are very helpful in avoiding heart disease. Although contains high fats but those fats are monosaturated like the one present in olive oil which is good in reducing the risk of heart disease. Studies have been shown that using nuts in daily diet reduce the risk of heart disease.

Studies also showed that it is very helpful in reducing the LDL cholesterol level. (LDL is the form of cholesterol that has been linked to atherosclerosis and heart disease). This is due to the fact that an almond contains vitamin E & its antioxidants action along with the monosaturated fats helps in lowering the LDL cholesterol level.


In addition to healthy fats and vitamin E, a quarter-cup of almonds contains almost 99 mg of magnesium (that's 24.7% of the daily value for this important mineral), plus 257 mg of potassium.


Magnesium is Nature's own calcium channel blocker. When there is enough magnesium around, veins and arteries breathe a sigh of relief and relax, which lessens resistance and improves the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Studies show that a deficiency of magnesium is not only associated with heart attack but that immediately following a heart attack, lack of sufficient magnesium promotes free radical injury to the heart.


Protection against Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease


Second health benefits of almonds is they very helpful in fighting against Diabetes & other cardiovascular diseases. This is because almonds helps in Lessening after-meal surges in blood sugar helps protect against diabetes and cardiovascular disease, most likely due to lessening the increase in cholesterol-damaging free radicals that accompanies large elevations in blood sugar.


Almonds appear to not only decrease after-meal rises in blood sugar, but also provide antioxidants to mop up the smaller amounts of free radicals that still result.



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Improving Blood Fats


Third health benefit is that it helps in improving blood fats. People who have problem with their blood fat level, almonds can be the best source of healthy fats. It has been found that 2.5 ounce snack of almonds each day can do a better job in lowering blood LDL and raising blood HDL than a whole wheat muffin having the same amount of fat and fibre as almonds. They also found that markers of antioxidant status in the body could be improved with the incorporation of almond snacks.


Help against different kinds of Cancers


The recent health benefit of almond is found as its ability in reducing and fighting against various kinds of cancers. Many of the nutrients found in almonds are believed to have positive effects on several different types of cancer. The calcium found in almonds may lower risks of colon and rectal cancers. Almonds' fibre content may also help protect against colon cancer. The folic acid in almonds may help reduce the risk of cervical cancers. It has also linked to a reduction in risk of lung cancers.


Good for brain


The most common health benefit of almond is that it is used for sharping the bran and the memory. Those people who have problem for short memory or having difficulty in keeping things in mind Almonds are the best remedy for them. Almond induces high intellectual level and has been considered as an essential food item for growing children. Many mothers give almonds soaked in water to their children daily in the morning (2-3 pieces of soaked almonds are good enough; you can also remove the outer shell if it causes allergy to you).


Prevention of constipation


Almonds are rich in fibre. Like most other fibre rich food, almonds also help in preventing constipation. Make sure you drink good amount of water after eating almonds.


As the time passes it's become more and more evident that health benefits of almonds and other nutrition are the best source in fighting against the lethal diseases.






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