Causes of Dandruff

In this article we describe the causes of dandruff and how Almond Oil For Hair worked. Every time I rub my hairs with my hands I always see a fine small grain like white material is coming out of my hair. I wonder what is the cause of this dandruff and from where this is produced? Is there a whole factory in my head where people are working day and night to produce such mass production? This dandruff not only causing itching but it feels me embarrassing on various occasions when it is coming out on my shoulders specially when I become man in black.


I also observed that these are the major thieves of my treasure of beauty by causing my hair to fall. I noticed that if

I don't do the shampoo to my hairs for two or three days then my hairs become sticky with oil causing more itching in my hairs with more dandruff and thus more hair fall. The thief become more bold and starts robbed my treasure more often than not. As I have beautiful hair with high resolution and dpi I suddenly realize that with this dandruff I lose my resolution and become low dpi day by day. I also observed that this small white grains becomes severe during the winter when weather become cold and dry.


So to cater this dandruff problem I goto the market and bring the best ant-dandruff shampoo. I was thinking that I can grab this thieve now and become smarter than him. But after few days I realize that hey the hair fall is getting higher with itching and reddishness on my scalp. So tiring of all this & with the disagreement to my heart I decide to shave my hairs. Ohh yes instead I allow my hair to fall itself I let it do it myself. But adding to my astonishment when I rubbed my bald head I still see the dandruff coming out with text message to me.


So I am start looking for some serious stuff about this scalp disease dandruff what are its causes and more important how I can grapple with it. The dandruff is not something related with the hair but it's the dead skin with flakes on the scalp. Almost every individual came across with this problem at some point of time in his/her life.


Causes of Dandruff


Among the various causes of dandruff the foremost cause of dandruff is your skin type. If your skin is too dry then the chances of having dandruff on your scalp is much higher. This dryness is increases during the winter and the dry weather as one can easily see the sign of dryness on other parts of body such as on face, arms and legs.


Also not every shampoo is for everyone. Our skin is sensitive to certain products and reacts to these products in form of reddishness and also in increasing of dandruff. So if one shampoo or other hair product doesn't suits the skin then terminate its use immediately. Try some other product to find the perfect match for your skin. Also very frequent use of shampoo may also irritate the scalp adding to the cause of dandruff, so try avoiding that as well.


These are some most common causes of dandruff that are outlined above. There are other causes of dandruff as well like mental stress, poor immune system, sweating and poor hygiene.






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