‏Almond Oil For Dry Skin

Discover the miraculous effects of almond oil for skin. One morning I woke up and noticed that some blood has bleed from my shin with whitish marks on the skin. Oh I have itched on my skin badly during sleep. Then I checked my nails it's not that lengthy but enough that had caused the damage. Its winter again and my dry skin starts itching again. Ever wonder why this skin gets more dry in winter causing itching all over the body especially around arms and legs. And you can not resist yourself but to itch.Also the moisture from lips also vanish leaving crumble dead skin that you

try to moisturize through drinking water frequently or by licking them with your tongue.


Skin Composition & Functions


‏So let’s see why this happens but first take a brief look what is our skin and its functions:


‏Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It is our first armor to protect against environmental hazards like the germs, bacteria etc. The outer part of our skin which we can see is actually the dead cells. These dead cells are shed away all the time and new cells replaces. Most of the dusts that we sweep in our house are actually our own dead cell or our skin. So next time if mama says hey kid you made the house dirty, so just tell her you are also the part of it . The skin also contains lot of moisture, the younger the skin, the more ‏moisture it has and capability of holding water will decrease with the age.



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‏Causes of Dry Skin


‏‏Now have a look at some of the causes of dry skin:


‏The skin gets dry when the moisture of the skin taken out for any reason. This could be the extremely dry conditions of weather like in winter where low temperature and low humidity suck the moisture of the skin. Also the frequent bathing especially if you like to bath in hot water and for a longer period of time will suck the moisture of your skin. Exposure to the sun for longer time will eventually take the moisture out from your skin. The ultraviolet rays penetrate much more in your skin leaving wrinkles on the skin. Central air-condition or heating, ‏fire places or other heat places also extract moisture from the skin. Anti-bacterial soaps and liquids also damage the skin. They torn the lipid and water from your skin so do some of the ‏harsh shampoos that dry the scalp.


‏‏How Almond Oil Protects the Skin


‏So how does almond oil helps to protect our skin. Almond oil contains vitamin E in abundance. Vitamin E also known as the food for our skin. Vitamin E protects our skin from damaging ultraviolet lights. It prevents cell damage and also fights with some skin disorders. Also almond oil’s nourishing nature and great emollient properties makes it excellent choice for the people with dry skin. The dry skin tends to crack easily specially in the winter or when the weather is dry due to it has less moisture. The moisturizer in sweet almond oil not only address this issue of dry skin but it also keeps the PH of the skin at normal level. Due to its superb texture almond oil not only easily absorb in the skin but it helps to maintain the tone of the skin.


So keep massaging with almond oil and it will make your skin nice, soft and young. So feel young, live young and keep enjoy reading benefits-of-almond-oil.com. If you like then please give us a favor by thumbs up and share with whom you care. Thanks






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